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Placeum is a location-based multimedia platform with audio content at its core.

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What Placeum Does

We Connect People to Places

Pins on the map allow users to access audio, text, images connected to the location.

Focused on Audio

Allowing users to interact with their environment while adding layers of information to their experience.

Why Users Enjoy Placeum

Focusing on audio makes using Placeum a multi-sensory experience. Standing on a spot rich in history, being able to see and touch the legacy of events long ago while hearing about the important, interesting, and fun things that happened creates an immersive and memorable environment.

What Locations Get From It

Heritage sites’ ability to connect with users depends on what they get from experiencing the location. Walking past, or going into, an old building, for example, creates very little connection with the user. Placeum connects users to locations via fascinating history, interesting facts and oddities. This creates and embeds the user’s connection to the location; establishing a relationship.

Where it Works

Placeum’s demonstration site is heritage-focused. That is the core market we have identified for the Placeum platform. However, Placeum is suitable for any environment where location and information can be linked; a new building development, a product launch, a shopping mall. Any situation where audio amplifies and enhances a physical experience is perfect for Placeum.

The SS Great Britain

A snippet of the content available on Placeum Bristol

How We Help You

There are three broad ways we can help you.

1. End-to-end platform and content delivery and management

You leave everything to us. Together we establish what you need and the best way to deliver it, then we create a bespoke Placeum for you.

2. Just the platform + advice and training

A more bare-bones approach where you use a tailored Placeum platform to create your own content with our help and advice.

3. Just content for your existing audio solution

Placeum is about platform and content. Not everyone needs a Placeum platform; we can provide professional content for you to use in the way that works best for you.

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